Wikileaks Releases 35,000 More Cables

Wikileaks is currently in the process of releasing a further 35,000 cables as they stated last night. This follows the previous 5523 cables which detail US reporting on China, Taiwan, Libya and Israel.

Shortly after the initial release last night, the Wikileaks servers came under a heavy DDoS attack. The person or persons responsible for the DDoS attach is presently unknown, but exposed governments are suspected.

The current cable releases are information pertaining to the following countries:

Unlinked articles means that they have yet to be released.

For up to date information on the current activities of Wikileaks, you can follow them on Twitter (Real-Time) or directly at their site.

Whether you support them, or loathe them; you can’t deny that they follow through which can’t be said about the people they report on. Personally I am neutral, but I can see a need for some information to be made public as I believe that we are kept far to in the dark.

[Update 1] As via their latest Twitter feed ” Full new WikiLeaks 55,000+ new cable release available by bittorrent “

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