About Me

I originally started this blog as a bit of an experiment as I had always wanted to figure out just what the hell ‘blogging’ was. My first one was back in August 2010 and was mainly about a wedding that I was shooting at Leeds Castle with a friend of mine who shoots professionally. The shoot went great by the way.

Since then I started to write a few computer tutorials as that is my other passion and a stronger subject matter for me. The reason I liked writing them is because when I first started to use computers, which was about 7yrs ago now, I had no idea what I was doing and would always get stuck….and frustrated. It was then that I discovered Google and how it can be used to find answers to pretty much anything. That was really my only introduction to how computers worked and more importantly, how to fix them.

Skip forward 4yrs and I started to help out at TSF, which to be honest is one of the most helpful places around if you need computer support, as the staff and helpers there are all experts in their fields. They volunteer their own personal time and walk you through any issues you have even if it takes a while. I still help out on there from time to time as a moderator, but with work and home life find it difficult to be there all the time, which actually annoys me.

I now work in IT in my home town of Lewes in England and have been there for about 5yrs. I am still massively into my photography and it’s a close tie as to what I prefer doing. The good thing is though is that the two go hand in hand these days.

As far as the blog itself, it’s the one thing that I have found I really like doing. You find that you learn a lot from doing it, and get to help a lot of people out which is what I wanted it to do in the first place. I find that I have started to blog about the latest happening in the tech world as well recently, and really enjoy that, so may rename the blog sometime.

If you find that there is anything that you would like help on, or just want to comment on something, feel free.


4 thoughts on “About Me

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